Melanie Jame Wolf

HIGHNESS (2017), photo: Bryony Jackson
At Obsidian Coast, Melanie Jame worked on the preliminary text, sound, and persona research for two entangled pieces: Oh Yeah Tonight, a multi-channel video installation, and TONIGHT, an evening length performance installation event. Both works will attempt a queered amplification of the politics and potency of words that appear frequently in the lyrics of pop songs. The two pieces seek to draw out a simultaneously critical and reverential analysis of the popular poetics of Pop as both a commodity and a space of art in the everyday. Both will work with the temporalities, the dependable formal and narrative cliches, the possibilities of imaging oneself differently, as imagining oneself as seen and heard in ideal form, the feelings - of Pop. Formally, these installations will be based on abstractions of the tropes and dramaturgies of music videos and pop songs. They will continue Melanie Jame's deep interest in staging and inhabiting multiple personae within singular works.

Melanie Jame Wolf is an Australian artist who lives and works between Melbourne and Berlin. She makes work about economies. Sometimes solo, sometimes with friends. Always exploring systems of value and exchange. Often investigating these flows as they are produced through ideas of ghosts, of gender, of pop, of myth, of morality, of class.

Melanie Jame's expanded practice incorporates text, choreography, video, sound, installation and performance. She is primarily interested in ideas and questions of personae and their staging. The form of her work occurs with increasing fluidity at points where live performing bodies and video intersect.

Melanie Jame has shown work in a wide range of gallery, theatre, and film festival contexts including: Hebbel am Ufer – HAU; Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki; nGbK, Berlin; Festival of Live Art, Melbourne; VAEFF Film Festival, NYC; Arts Santa Monica, Barcelona; Schwules Museum, Berlin; & Sophiensaele, Berlin.