Caraboo Projects: The Wagon

Caraboo Projects, The Wagon
10 – 11 OCTOBER 2019

On October 10th the Coast hosts Caraboo Projects overnight as they stop on their 160 mile walk along the waterways from Bristol to London, part of Art Licks Weekend: Interdependence.

Pulling a collectively built wagon, Caraboo will record encounters, exchanges and observations which will be presented at Standpoint Gallery, Hoxton at the end of the walk. As the group trace historic trade routes, they will acknowledge the past whilst exploring how Caraboo can create supportive networks and infrastructures given the current political climate. Anyone is welcome to join as they traverse the canal paths, with overnight stops in Bradford-on-Avon, Pewsey, Newbury, Henley-on-Thames, Old Windsor and Kingston-upon-Thames. Location information will be available via Caraboo's website and social media.

Caraboo Projects is a cooperative of artists formed in a disused print works in Bedminster, Bristol. The group strive to build an inclusive and collaborative platform with artists, curators and local members of the community, for experimentation and the development of cross-disciplinary arts in Bristol.

The Art Licks Weekend is an annual festival that celebrates the activity of artist-led and non-profit project spaces across London. For its seventh year, the Art Licks Weekend (17–20 October 2019) takes on the theme of Interdependence: considering how participating projects work within a network of friendship, exchange and shared dialogue. The festival includes exhibitions and events programmed by 63 participating project spaces and collectives across London; working with 290 artists.