Sat 18 May 2019, 2pm
Precariousness & Precarity
Dust storm in Alaska captured by Aqua/MODIS on Nov. 17, 2013 at 21:45 UTC. Creator: NASA Goddard
Obsidian Coast Reading Group convenes for the first time to discuss theorist Isabell Lorey's articulation of all life as inherently interdependent and therefore precarious.

Arguing that Western liberal democracy is built upon a sustained attempt to keep the precariousness of life at bay, she describes how the lives of some are protected at the expense of others, who again are forced into the position of perpetual precarity.

Reading: Isabell Lorey, ‘Precariousness and Precarity’ & ‘Biopolitical Governmentality’, State of Insecurity: Government of the Precarious (Verso, 2015)

Obsidian Coast Reading Group is a series of discussions, each focused on a selected text, delving into the reading lists of our Library. The gatherings turn the often solitary activity of reading into a collective endeavour, providing a democratic space for coming together and learning collaboratively from one another in open dialogue.

Reading the selected text in advance is recommended but not necessary – excerpts will be read together to support discussion. The reading group meets quarterly at Obsidian Coast – or, if the weather allows, outdoors as a picnic excursion – and is always open to all.

For access to and further information on the readings, please email nella[at]obsidiancoast.art.