7 Dec 2018 – 17 Mar 2019
Andrea Zucchini

Andrea Zucchini, Dreamwalker, production still
During his residency, Andrea Zucchini works on his new major moving image project, Dreamwalker, in the run up to his solo exhibition at Obsidian Coast in Summer 2019.

Dreamwalker takes Zucchini to a location nearby his birth town Brescia, an archaeological site of rock carvings in the Camonica Valley at the bottom of the Alps in Northern Italy. The carvings cover a timespan of 10,000 years, from the Palaeolithic to the Middle Ages to the early 20th century. They present a unique layering of non-linear anthropological time: birth rituals and deer hunting are portrayed next to roman inscriptions and iron smithing. Different eras can only be distinguished by details in iconography, as over millennia new carvings have been introduced both haphazardly and in response to the existing carvings. The rock on which the carvings were made was sculpted by the melting of a glacier 150,000 years ago, which also left behind a group of unique rock formations now known as the Zone Pyramids.

Arising from Zucchini’s first-hand experience of the site, the project conveys an intuitive and affective response to the layers of geologic and cultural time embedded to the Camonica Valley, the psychic resonances of which are also entwined with the artist’s personal history. A surreal encounter with natural and interior landscapes, Dreamwalker is an artefact of archaeo-psychology – a descent into the strata of time and the psyche through an embodied relationship built with place.

Stays at the coast:
7 – 10 December 2018
18 – 20 January 2019
15 – 17 March 2019

Andrea Zucchini, Dreamwalker, production still
In his practice Andrea Zucchini explores the convergence of different fields of knowledge, juxtaposing the scientific to the mythological, and the geologic to the cosmological. The research and objects deriving from this approach tend to concentrate on the exploration of the various cultural histories and natural properties underlying materials.