28 May – 20 Jun 2019
nova Milne
Following While the Summit Reverses, nova Milne ventures to Obsidian Coast for a series of stays throughout May and June 2019 to research and develop their next video project. Alongside dedicated studio time, residency plans include location scouting trips and film shoots at select (pre)historic sites in Wiltshire and Gloucestershire.

nova milne, Skin Without Biography (studio study) 2011/19
nova MILNE
nova Milne is a two-person artist who uses intimacy as their primary communal structure. Works may variously be described as video-sculptures, performance, drawings or restorative actions. These often find gravity in assembling a gesture (or encounter) as a poetic or disruptive transgression across a breach of time/s. nova Milne's work often reincorporates found micro- historical or biographical ephemera, events or recordings to unleash a latent occult potential from its constituent parts, towards an altered psychological, social or confounding emotive and material plasticity. Intersubjectivity is an ongoing curiosity that segues into science and the paranormal, pervaded by transformation, longing, empathy, absurdity and unboundedness.