11 – 14 Jul 2019
Petter Yxell
Petter Yxell joins Obsidian Coast for a summery sojourn to research the intersection of ecology and the built environment, and the role of art in questioning this relation. The residency serves to offer space and a context to explore the possibility of making spatial interventions and architectural structures that may function as trans-species interfaces. The research undertaken – writing, sketching and gathering of detail about Bradford-on-Avon's local flora and fauna – will inform the development of two outdoor projects: an upcoming public art residency in Taiwan and a proposal for a temporary installation in rural Somerset.

Petter Yxell, A Convivium of Feral Tables (2018)
Petter Yxell is a Swedish artist, with a BA from Glasgow School of Art and an MFA from Goldsmiths College. His sculptural installations and writings explore themes of inhabitation, cohabitation and expanded notions of architecture. While working as a gardener and landscaper in London, he has become increasingly interested in the idea of a post-anthropocentric urbanism.